Paula Deen went above and beyond for a fan battling breast cancer.

Deen recently sat down with Hot Topics to discuss her new cookbook, Favorite Recipes of The Lady & Her Friends.

The celebrity chef shared a touching story during the interview of an amazing meal she shared with a fan, who has now become a dear friend.

Earlier this year, a friend from New York reached out and asked if she would be able to prepare a meal for one of his friends, who recently finished her last round of radiation treatment for breast cancer.

“He said, ‘Paula, she is a huge fan. I mean huge,'” recalled Deen.

She prepared an incredible spread for the New Yorker having her first real experience with Southern cuisine.

“I made country fried steak, rice and gravy, fresh butter beans and okra, baked sweet potatoes with brown sugar butter, deviled eggs… What else did I fix, Eddie?” she asked turning to her personal assistant, who was off-camera.

“Collard greens,” he replied.

“Collared greens!” exclaimed Deen. “I cooked collared greens from our garden, that we grew in our garden. And for dessert I made pear cobbler with pears that I had grown in my yard. Deviled eggs from my chickens. So I really prepared them a very Southern meal.”

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