An Oregon family grieving the loss of a stillborn baby is helping other families facing the same situation.

Randy and Rebecca Hauskin of Happy Valley, Ore., lost their daughter, Hayden, 32 weeks into pregnancy in 2010.

“I hadn’t felt her move, and we went right to the hospital,” Rebecca Hauskin told ABC News. “We had no knowledge, didn’t know what stillborn meant. The thought didn’t occur to me.”

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Rebecca delivered the baby, and she and Randy went home without their baby girl. The couple said they made a lot of decisions in a short period of time, including funeral arrangements.

Weeks after the funeral, the family got a $1,000 bill from the hospital. They said it was a painful reminder of their loss.

The family has since promised to help others who have faced the same loss through their organization Hayden’s Helping Hands. The organization’s goal is to provide financial assistance to families who lost a baby during pregnancy.

“It will forever be our goal to stand by families who were not able to welcome home a child due to a stillbirth,” the family wrote on their website.

According to ABC News, they have helped 44 families in Washington and Oregon since starting their organization.

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