Photos of a touching meeting between a grieving mother and father and the 2-year-old saved by their daughter’s heart is going viral.

On December 26, 2015, 2-year-old Alaiya died from bacterial meningitis, ABC News reports. Her parents, Brandon Wilcox and Lacey Tiara Wilcox of Avon, Indiana said they had no doubt that donating her organs was the right thing to do.

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Mason, now 2 years old, was born with a heart defect and waited eight months to get on a donor list. Mom Angela Perkins told ABC News when he was 8 months old, they almost lost him. She said he’s alive today because of Alaiya’s heart.

Perkins said she knew Mason’s new heart came from a girl in Indiana. She discovered the child’s identity after finding Alaiya’s obituary online.

She reached out the the Wilcox family one year after the transplant. Earlier this month, they finally met in person. The asked photographer Suha Dabit to capture the special moment on camera.

“Seeing Mason for the first time, we instantly felt a connection. So many feelings were running through me,” Lacey Tiara Wilcox said according to a Facebook post shared by the World of Broken Hearts page, which is dedicated to raising awareness about organ donation.

“I was happy and sad all in one. Seeing for ourselves how happy and energetic Mason is was a relief. It showed us how ‘perfect’ Alaiya’s heart was for him,” she added.

The families plan to keeping in touch in the future.

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