A little girl’s stolen toy is back home with its owner after a wild night with a Maryland police officer.

Sunday, dad Jason Hendricks posted video to his Facebook page showing his daughter’s dragon and dinosaur being taken from their porch, WRC reported.

The case of the missing dragon eventually caught the attention of police officer Robert Bagley.

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Bagley told WRC that the person in the video looked familiar and knew what areas she frequents. When he checked out the locations, he didn’t come across the woman, but did find the toy on the curb.

It was around 2 a.m., so too late to bother the Hendricks family. Bagley did what anyone would do: He took the toy on an adventure around La Plata.

First up, a stop at the emergency room for a quick Doc McStuffins-like checkup. The dragon had a broken arm, so what better place to get patched up.

Then Bagley and his new dragon friend went on a search for the other missing toy.

They even stopped by the fire department to throw a little shade.

Officer finds girl’s stolen toy, takes it on epic adventure before returning it Facebook / Bobby Bagley / Emily Mudd-Hendricks

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