Octavia Spencer hopes that her newest movie, “The Shack” is a moment of healing for movie goers.

Based on William Paul Young’s bestselling novel, the story follows Mack Phillips, played by Sam Worthington, whose youngest daughter is kidnapped and killed.

Tim McGraw also stars in the movie as Mack’s best friend, Willie. He said Spencer, who plays God in the movie, was a perfect choice.

“I’ve met her in person a couple of times and she just glows. She just has such a beauty about her and an inner peace and rest about her. She just exudes that. I think she was just so perfect for this film.

“When I die and if I’m able to go to heaven, if I saw Octavia Spencer sitting there and say ‘Hello, welcome,’ I’m going to be a happy man,” joked McGraw.

Radha Mitchell, who play’s Mack’s wife in the film, said the movie’s religious undertones¬†only adds to the movie’s message.

“When you see the movie, you realize it doesn’t matter where you’re looking at it from. The lessons are pertinent and real,” said Mitchell.

Spencer said the movie will mean something different to everyone.

“I hope that whatever they’re experiencing in their life, that it’s a moment of escapism, but also a moment of enlightenment and healing,” said Spencer.


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