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Some fast thinking by a California woman not only allowed her to deliver a baby, but also to save the infant’s life, KSWB reported.

Jordan Walker was outside her apartment in El Cajon Thursday night when a frantic woman arrived.

“She said her daughter was having the baby and to call 911,” Walker told KSWB.

As her boyfriend called first responders, Walker ran to the upstairs apartment to help her neighbor.

“I found her in the bathtub with half the baby already out, feet first,” Walker told KWSB. “So I just got in the bathtub with her, and I was just telling her she needs to push.”

Walker continued to coach the mother through several more pushes until the baby was delivered. But the infant boy, who weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce, was not breathing because his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.

“I just took the umbilical cord off his neck, and I held him upside down, and I was patting his back,” Walker told KSWB. “A minute later, I started hearing him make some noise and started crying.”

With the baby breathing, Walker then worked with paramedics over the phone to stabilize both the mother and infant. When paramedics arrived, they took the newborn and his mother to the hospital.

The boy was named Ezekiel. Walker, a medical assistant, has never had training in delivering children, but she excelled in her first attempt.

“I’ve never worked in pediatrics with kids, labor delivery, nothing like that at all,” Walker told KSWB. “I’m so thankful to God for being there and for guiding me through that.”

Neighbor helps woman deliver baby, then saves newborn’s life

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