A mother with terminal cancer is fighting to live long enough to deliver her sixth child.

Carrie Deklyen, 37, of Wyoming, Mich., is a mother of five. In April she was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, a highly aggressive brain tumor, after experiencing headaches and vomiting, ABC News reports.

She was planning to participate in a clinical trial of a new cancer treatment at the University of Michigan, but she soon discovered she was pregnant. Doctors told her she would have to terminate the pregnancy to undergo the treatment. She refused, opting to carry the baby instead.

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“It was Carrie and Nick’s decision, and they chose to continue with trying to have the baby,” Deklyen’s sister-in-law Sonya Nelson told M Live.

Doctors hope she can live long enough to deliver the baby at 28 weeks. She is currently about 22 weeks pregnant.

Deklyen is now in the intensive care unit at University Hospital in Ann Arbor. She has not regained consciousness since suffering a stroke two weeks ago.

Husband and dad Nick Deklyen said the diagnosis has been hard for their other children: Elijah, 18, Isaiah, 16, Lelia, 4, and Jez, 2.

“The older ones obviously understand everything, so it is very hard on them,” Nick Deklyn told ABC News.

“The younger two do not really understand what is happening. They know they sleep at Aunt Sonya’s all the time and do not see Mommy anymore. We tell them that Mommy is really sick.”

The hospital said Deklyen is on track to be able to deliver her baby. The couple plans on naming their daughter “Life.”

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