A mother says she has been sober for one year after a photo of her overdosing in her car with her infant son in the backseat went viral.

Erika Hurt of Hope, Indiana went to jail after police found her passed out in her car with a heroin needle still on her hand. Her 10-month-old son was in the backseat, WABC reports. She had suffered a near-fatal overdose.

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According to NBC News, Hurt went to jail and started her journey to sobriety. To celebrate one year since the incident and one year sober, she posted a photo to Facebook on October 22.

“I’ve decided to repost the picture simply because it displays exactly what heroin addiction is,” Hurt wrote on Facebook. “Also because I do not want to ever forget where the road of addiction has taken me. Little did I know that day, my life was about to change, drastically.”

Hurt missed her son’s first Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday because she was in jail. She said this year, she’s looking forward to celebrating the holidays with her son.

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