By Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

MICHOUD, La. — Surviving a tornado is terrifying enough, but a mother in Louisiana had more to worry about when the deadly storm passed near their home.

Amanda Stockfelt huddled under her desk holding on to her 8-week-old daughter as the tornado bore down on the building where she works.

She just happened to take her daughter Autumn to work Tuesday after a doctor’s appointment.

“I heard the sound of a freight train and I was holding her. All I could think of was putting her back in her car seat. So I put her in the car seat, buckled her up, and put her underneath my work desk. I crawled underneath there with her and locked my arm around the handle of her car seat,” Stockfelt told WVUE.

As she took shelter under the desk, the trailer they were in flipped and broke apart. She and her baby were being thrown through the air, the car seat flying above her head before mother and daughter hit the ground.

She told WVUE that all she could think of was not to let go, but the car seat saved Autumn’s life Stockfelt said.

“I have to say shout out to Graco. Graco makes the best car seats in the world because without her being in that car seat, I don’t know what would have happened to her.”

Stockfelt works for NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility.

The building was damaged in the tornado. All 3,500 employees were accounted for, some suffering from only minor injuries, WDSU reported. A handful of buildings at the facility suffered what is being called significant damage, reported.

The National Weather Service said that at least three tornadoes touched down in areas that had suffered devastation during Hurricane Katrina, The Washington Post reported.

About 40 people were injured in the storm, but no one was killed, The Associated Press reported.

Mom watches baby fly through the air during tornado, and she miraculously survived

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