By Nicole Moschella

Megyn Kelly appeared on “Live! with Kelly and Michael” to talk about her new show, “Megyn Kelly Presents” and feud with Donald Trump.

In the interview, Kelly Ripa called Kelly “unflappable” and asked if there is ever a moment when she feels overwhelmed.

“Yes, I am a normal person,” she said, adding that she recently addressed Donald Trump’s remarks about her during a speech. “People have started to say that I am ‘fearless.’ And, that is not true and I don’t think that is true of anybody. I cried, I have fear and, my husband will attest, of course it has been a difficult year and thank God I have him and I have my three lovies, who get me through everything.”

Kelly continued, “but, that shouldn’t be the goal for anybody. I think that we set the goal too high for ourselves as women and as men, even to say, ‘we have to be fearless.’”

She also revealed that after all of the public fighting with Trump, she did reach out to him for a meeting at Trump Tower in April.

“We had a good exchange, but the one thing we did not discuss in that hour long meeting at Trump Tower was anything that had happened between the two of us.”

Both Ripa and Strahan were surprised to hear that and inquired about what set him off.

“He was clearly unhappy with that August 6 debate question about his comments with women,” she said. “My point was not to pass Megyn Kelly’s opinion on his language, it was to say, Hillary Clinton is the likely democratic nominee. You know she is going to hit you with this. You have a long history of making these comments about women. She is going to hit you with this, so why should these Republicans make you their nominee.”

Kelly believes that the Republican party will unify behind Trump, but not because of who he is as a candidate.

“I think, for the Republicans, Hillary is the unifier. They really don’t want Hillary.”

To see Megyn Kelly’s interview with Donald Trump, tune in to “Megyn Kelly presents,” on Tuesday, May 17 at 8 p.m. EST on FOX.


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