ATLANTA –  When James Collier grew up, he had one option for transportation: mules. Now he can choose from any one of his more than two dozen classic cars.

Eighty-year-old Collier has been collecting cars most of his life, but not all of it. Growing up in South Georgia, Collier was one of 10 children and his family relied on mules to get around. Since both of his parents were farmers, Collier witnessed the evolution of machinery in agriculture, which led to his interest in automobiles.

The car connoisseur’s collection dates back to 1925. Every automobile he owns is made by the same manufacturer, Chevrolet.

“It’s one of the most affordable cars a man can buy,” he said. “Number two, it’s readily available with parts. And number three, the parts are relatively cheap.”

The retired AT&T employee says he has built his collection mostly through relationships and word of mouth. Over time, people have begun referring to him as ‘The Quiet Collector.’

“I don’t know why they call me The Quiet Collector,” he said. “Maybe they said that because the age I am and it took me all these year to get here.”

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Six cars from Collier’s collection will be on display Oct. 9 at the Atlanta Concours d’Elegance.

Man raised using mules for transportation becomes classic car collector

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