ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A man who found a missing 12-year-old girl fast asleep in his backyard says he wasn’t even supposed to be home at the time.

According to WHEC, the girl had run away after an incident at school. Her friends and family had been searching for her for hours.

John Goodman was supposed to be out of town that night, but got into a car accident the day before. Now, he thinks that young girl was the reason for that car accident.

The next morning, he looked outside and saw someone fast asleep in his yard.

At first he thought it was a homeless person. When he tried to wake the person up, he realized it was a young girl.

A friend recognized her from a missing child alert on Facebook.

Through that Facebook post, Goodman was able to get in touch with the girl’s grandfather.

“And I’m still trying to come up with a way to show this man my gratitude,” grandfather Dunstan Luke told WHEC.

Watch the heartwarming story above.

Man finds 12-year-old girl sleeping in backyard, discovers she’s a missing child

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