A 4-year-old girl who wandered away from home is safe thanks to a man who drove two hours to search for her.

Serenity Dawn Sanders disappeared from her Dekalb County, Ala., home last week. Eric Gillbreath, who lives a few hours away, got a call about it. Gillbreath said the girl’s mother is also the mother of his son.

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“That’s my boy’s sister,” Gillbreath told WHNT.

He drove from his town to the area where the search was going on. He grabbed a flashlight and headed off on his own in the wooded area around Serenity’s home.

After hours of searching, he finally spotted her around 7:30 Friday morning. The family’s dog stayed loyally by her side.

“She was standing there behind a tree. I walked behind the tree, [and] she said, ‘Hey Eric,'” Gillbreath recalled.

Gillbreath followed the sound of police sirens to guide them out of the woods. Serenity was taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution, but was unharmed aside from minor scratches.

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