DUBLIN, Ohio – A heartbreaking video shows the moment a mother forgot who her son was.

A video shared online shows Joey Daley, 45, desperately trying to jog his mother’s memory and remind her that he is her son.

According to the Daily Mail, Molly was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia when she was 65. Now, she is 67 and is living in a nursing home.

The video shows Daley sitting across from his mother at a Tim Horton’s coffee shop and asking his mother if she remembered who he was to her, eventually tearing up.

He even tried to jog her memory with family photos, but had no luck.

At last, he said goodbye to his mother and went back to his car. He held up his camera and began to sob.

“This day I will never forget. When your mother doesn’t know who you are, she knows my name but doesn’t know who I am,” Daley said through tears. “I feel like she just died.”

Daley regularly posts videos about his mom’s dementia to help others understand more about it.

Watch the heartbreaking thing above.

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