CINCINNATI, Ohio – A school bus driver is facing charges after police say she pried open the closed doors and began attacking the driver.

Surveillance footage captured the October incident in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Police say Kiesha Shannon, 28,  blocked the bus with her car and boarded the bus because she said the driver closed the doors as she was saying goodbye to her daughter.

Police say Shannon attacked the driver, Deamber Martin, WCPO reports. Students on the bus became visibly upset as the attack went on. Some students started crying while others screamed,”Mommy!” as the driver and woman fought.

Some parents boarded the bus and tried to stop the fight as things escalated.

“Come on, come on! These babies need a bus driver! These babies need a bus driver!” one woman yelled.

Shannon has been charged with misdemeanor assault.

Kids scream “Mommy!” as woman boards school bus, attacks

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