By Tricia Despres 

It’s hard to believe that anything could make Joey Feek’s story more tragic. Yet during the public memorial service in Indiana on March 13 following Joey’s death on March 4, her sister Jodi Martin reminded everyone in attendance that this is in fact the second time that the family has been faced with a life being lost much too soon.

Indeed, as stated in Joey’s obituary, Justin Martin was killed in a car accident in 1994. “(We talked) about the day we lost our brother and how his death affected us,” Jodi told the crowd before having to stop for a moment to shed some tears. “Someday I will be reunited with Joey and Justin.”

Jodi served as Joey’s nurse after she returned to her home state to live out her final days. “We reconnected on the years lost because we shared a bedroom for the last several months of her life,” Jodi recalled at the service, which also included a breathtaking speech from Joey’s husband Rory. “We were telling stories about our childhood and spent hours talking, sometimes till 3 a.m., about our families, our personal struggles, our fears, our weaknesses and the marks we wanted to make in this world.”

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