Monday morning, Today Show personality Jenna Bush Hager shared a heartfelt apology following a flub on the Golden Globes red carpet.

“If I offended people, I am deeply sorry. It was a mistake… I am not perfect. I am authentic but a human,” said Hager.

The apology came after Hager misspoke during an interview with Pharell Williams, who composed the score for the movie “Hidden Figures.” Bush mistakenly referred to the movie as “Hidden Fences.”

Social media lit up instantly lit up with the hashtag #HiddenFences. Hager was targeted for mixing up the names of “Hidden Figures,” starring Octavia Spencer, Taraji Henson and Janelle Monae, and “Fences,” starring Viola Davis and Denzel Washington.

The television personality said she was upset that her mistake drew accusations of insensitivity.

“What I didn’t want to do is make anyone feel lesser than who they are. I apologize to both the cast, to Pharell, but it was a mistake and I hope we can all move on,” Hager said.

Her Today Show co-anchors quickly stood up for Hager during Monday’s show.

“Those of us who know you know your heart and know that that was a mistake,” Al Roker told Hager. “We’ve all been on in live situations… and you make a mistake… I forgot ‘Braveheart’ when I was interviewing Mel Gibson!”

Roker said social media culture has gotten out of hand.

“This culture of Twitter and people waiting to pounce on people, it’s got to stop,” said Roker. “It’s just ridiculous… For the New York Times to pile on and to repeat these tweets, it’s a cheap shot,”

Hager wasn’t the only one to make that mistake Sunday.

Later that night, actor Michael Keaton made the same mistake while announcing the nominees for best supporting actress, calling “Hidden Figures” “Hidden Fences” instead.

Jenna Bush Hager shares emotional “Hidden Fences” apology following Golden Globes flub

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