ASHEVILLE, N.C. — In less than 24 hours, the mystery couple who was photographed getting engaged at the Biltmore Estate on Dec. 2 have been found.

Courtney Chandler and Joey Browning’s special moment was captured by a Charlotte-area photographer while she was taking photos of the sunset over the mansion. posted the photo Wednesday on the station’s Facebook page. Browning’s sister, Kellee Browning, saw the photo on the station’s Twitter account and shared it with Chandler. Chandler called the newsroom Thursday morning, less than 24 hours after it was posted.

The lucky couple lives in Dawsonville, Georgia, which is three and a half hours from Asheville and nearly four hours from Charlotte.

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The holiday season is a popular time of the year to get engaged and in North Carolina, the Biltmore Estate serves as the ideal setting.

A Charlotte-area photographer sent a breathtaking photo of a couple’s special moment at the Biltmore Estate in hopes of finding the lucky couple and giving them the photo.

Ann Larsen and her boyfriend, Edgar Payne, both photographer enthusiasts in the Charlotte area, were at the Biltmore on Dec. 2 to tour the mansion and capture photos of the sun setting over the home.

The Biltmore was decorated for the holiday season, including the trees in front of the mansion, which were decked out in lights.

It was the first time that Larsen and Payne had ever visited the mansion to take photos during the Christmas season.

Larsen and Payne had set up their equipment on top of the hill in front of the home known as the Vista, which features a statue of Diana, the goddess of the hunt.

They noticed a couple hanging around them, and they exchanged greetings.

A few minutes later, the couple headed back down the hill toward the mansion. About halfway down, the man dropped to one knee and proposed.

Larsen’s camera was ready, and she snapped a beautiful photo of the exact moment that the man asked the woman to marry him.

As quickly as the photo was taken, the couple headed toward the house and weren’t seen again.

Larsen hopes sharing the photo on social media will help find the couple so she can give them the priceless photo they will cherish forever.

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