SUMMERVILLE, S.C. – A 93-year-old grandmother ended up being the belle of the ball at her grandson’s junior prom.

Betty Jane Keene, 93, was thrilled to accompany her grandson, Connor Campbell, to his prom in Summerville, South Carolina Saturday.

“It was wonderful,” Keene told ABC News.

Connor told the Summerville Journal Scene that he made a promise to his grandmother a year ago that he would take her to prom, since she had never been.

“I had a wrist corsage with pink roses. He had a pink rose boutonniere,” said Keene. “He’s such a handsome boy.”

Kenne got her hair, makeup and nails done to go to the dance and had a blast dancing with Connor and meeting all his friends, who were ecstatic to meet her.

“He had told all his friends. Every boy and girl. It was about 100 children at that dance and it was so lovely and they all came up and shook my hand,” Keene told ABC News.

Keene said she won’t be attending Connor’s senior prom next year.

“I won’t go next year,” she said. “I want him to find a girlfriend.”

Instead of a girlfriend, this teen took his 93-year-old grandmother to his prom instead

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