A video of sports prodigy Adam Bender has resurfaced online and is inspiring people across the country.

A video shared by Coach Matt Lisle, who trains numerous MLB and college baseball players, shows Adam Bender, who has only one leg, as boy playing baseball with the grit and determination of a professional.

According to his mother, Bender was diagnosed with a tumor in his left leg as a baby. It prevented his leg from developing properly, so he now relies on only his right leg to get around.

Bender hasn’t let his disability stop him from playing sports. According to family members interviewed in a video that appears on Vimeo, Bender has played soccer, flag football and baseball, excelling in all sports.

According to the Herald Leader, Bender is now a high school student at Lexington Catholic in Kentucky and is a dominating force on the school’s wrestling team.

Watch the inspiring video of Bender as a young, sprouting athlete below:

Inspiring video shows young baseball player with one leg dominate the field

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