An adoring husband is bringing a whole new meaning to the promise¬†“in sickness and in health.”

Jim Koch, 60, asked his wife of 26 years to marry him again just one day after she underwent a mastectomy. He even bought her a new ring.

His wife, Lora Koch, 54, was diagnosed with cancer on Feb. 1.

Jim of Panora, Iowa said that he just wanted to remind Lora that he loves her as she goes through this difficult time.

“It was pretty spontaneous,” Jim told ABC News. “I’ve known Lora as the most selfless person that I know and as she was going through this rough patch, I really wanted to give a sign and remind of love and commitment.”

His daughter, Christin, captured the special proposal in photos and shared them on Twitter, where they quickly went viral.

Christin told “Today” that her parents’ love for each other inspires her.

“I just wanted to show people my parents’ love for each other,” Christin said.

Lora was touched by her husband’s sweet gesture.

“It was a huge surprise when he came in and got down on his knee,” Lora said. “I had just a flood of tears from that … from the reassurance.”

Inspired by her strength, husband asks wife to marry him again as she battles cancer

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