Jimmy Kimmel says Warren Beatty was “perplexed” after seeing the card that read “Emma Stone, ‘La La Land.'”

Appearing on ABC’s “After Party” special, Kimmel explained what he saw while standing on stage during the Best Picture mix-up. Faye Dunaway was presenting alongside Beatty and falsely announced the winner as “La La Land” after a confused Beatty handed her the incorrect card.

“I don’t know the whole story. There are a couple things I do know,” Kimmel told hosts Lara Spencer and Anthony Anderson. “Number one, I know that the envelope Warren Beatty was handed said ‘Outstanding Female Actor’ on it.”

Spencer pressed for more details.

“But then he handed it to Faye,” said Spencer. “Like he was like, ‘I’m not going to read it. You read it.'”

“Because he was confused because the card, which he showed to me by the way, said ‘Emma Stone, La La Land’ on it. So this was confusing obviously. So we thought he was being coy and cute and kind of milking it to make everyone suffer, but in reality he was perplexed by her name was on it.”

Anderson asked the question we all wanted to ask.

“Why not ask for help?” said Anderson.

“I wouldn’t!” said Kimmel, jokingly following that up with, “Warren Beatty has had so much sex, he can’t think about things like that.”

In an interview, Jimmy Kimmel explains what really happened during that Oscars mix-up

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