CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — One-month-old cousins Andi and William already share an incredible bond. Their mothers, Rachael McGeoch and Beccy Pistone, are twins. McGeoch was due on Aug. 1 and Pistone was due on Aug. 13. The mothers were set to give birth at different hospitals, but their babies were born just about 20 hours apart in delivery rooms right next door to each other in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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“I live on Cape Cod. You live in Boston,” Pistone said to McGeoch. “Your due date is two weeks before mine. It just really seemed like a far-fetched idea.”

As McGeoch’s due date came and went, the sisters wanted to be together. So, Pistone and her husband drove from the Cape Cod to Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge.

Soon after Pistone arrived, McGeoch went into labor.

“When she was actually pushing William out my mom and I were in the room and my husband,” Pistone said. “Our ears were pressed to the wall listening. As soon as we heard him cry we started banging on the wall saying, ‘Yeah!’”

Pistone went into labor soon after.

“One of the most special moments was when she was stuck and not progressing and her nurse helped me sneak in and put him in her arms,” McGeoch said.

The sisters look forward to telling their children the story when they’re a little older.

“I came up to help get her going and then when I stalled, she got to return the favor,” Pistone said. “It was a big collaborative effort to get these two into the world! Pretty special story.”

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