A woman is thanking her husband for spotting her long-lost wedding ring while vacationing in Italy, 9 years after losing it.

Margaret and Justin Mussel of Brick, New Jersey took a family vacation to Italy 9 years ago. While there, Margaret’s 1.1 karat diamond engagement ring slipped off her finger, WABC reports.

“I felt terrible, and I knew I should have probably taken it off because I was a little bigger. I just felt really bad that I could have prevented it from falling off, and I kept it on that day,” Margaret said.

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Justin bought her a new ring when they got home and soon, they forgot about the lost ring. This summer, the family decided to take their sons to Italy for vacation.

As Justin was sitting on his in-law’s porch, something in the sidewalk caught his eye.

“I kept saying to Margaret, ‘Do you see that?’ I see this glimmer coming out of the sidewalk,” he said.

Justin grabbed a screwdriver and started digging in the crevice. Everyone was shocked when he dug up Margaret’s old wedding ring.

“I thought maybe it was a coin or something, but never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d ever actually find that ring again nine years later,” said Justin.

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