Volunteers at a hospital in Dayton, Ohio, are using cuddles to help opioid-addicted babies recover faster.

Dr. Amanda Graf of the Miami Valley Hospital in Ohio says just being held can help ease the babies’ pain.

“If you talk to any of our staff members that take care of these babies, and even the family members, they will tell you that their babies do better when they are held,” Graf told WCMH-TV.

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The babies’ symptoms range from irritability and fussiness to vomiting and tremors.

“I never want to see a baby suffer unnecessarily,” said Graf. “And if there are things we can be doing and programs we can build to help, then we’re going to do it.”

For more information about the program, contact Miami Valley Hospital’s Volunteer Services at (937) 208-2879.

Hospital seeks volunteers to cuddle fussy babies born addicted to drugs Video screenshot

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