A homeless man in Portland, Oregon now has a fresh start in the new year. He was recently offered a job at the same place where he was caught sleeping on a porch.

Instead of giving James Eppler, 28, the boot, Chris Crever told him he could work on the house and get paid instead of sleep on the porch.

Crever said the reason he offered Eppler a job is because Eppler told him “thank you” when Crever asked him to go away.

“He understood, wasn’t bitter about it and thanked me as I walked away,” said Crever.

Eppler said he was just thankful someone treated him with respect when asking him to move.

“The fact that he said it so respectfully and kindly like, sure, thank you for not having a problem with us so far, treating us like a human being.”

Along with giving Eppler a job, Crever said Eppler could sleep in one of the spare bedrooms.

“Like we always hope for something you know, a little help, not necessarily money, but being able to have a place to go, to take a shower every day and be able to at least look forward to having a reason to wake up,” Eppler explained, “it’s almost like God smiling down.”

Homeless man has a new job thanks to homeowner who kicked him off porch

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