Though Hoda’s daughter isn’t walking yet, she’s already showing signs of being a very fit baby!

Hoda shared a photo on the Today Show Wednesday of Haley Joy striking an athletic pose — a plank.

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The photo shows the 5-month-old baby girl balancing perfectly on her hands and toes in a perfect plank position.

“Is that bizarre?” asked Hoda. “I’m not kidding. She does that and just stays up there. What’s going on?!”

Kathie Lee Gifford was tickled by the snapshot.

“It’s like a little Simone Biles,” said Gifford.

Hoda also shared her favorite photo of her daughter and her mother. Little Haley Joy clearly has a lot of love for her grandma!

#perfect !

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Fav picture … Haley Joy and her grandma xoxo

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Hoda Kotb’s baby has been doing something a bit bizarre: “Is that freaky?” Today Show/Screenshot

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