A father jailed for allegedly leaving his kids at home while he went to work is thanking a stranger who was touched by his story.

Victor King of Raleigh, N.C., was arrested on child abuse charges after allegedly leaving his five kids under the age of 8 at home all day, police say. King’s manager reportedly said he had left the kids wit ha neighbor, who then left them alone. His bond was set at $25,000. King asked a judge to lower his bond last week, telling her in court that his wife was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and he was working to support her and their children, WTVD reports.

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“Two weeks ago my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. And I’m practically like her only way to pay for all of her medical bills. So I was wondering if I could get out early, and I can still work, so I won’t lose my job, so I can still pay for her medical expenses,” he said.

The judge denied the request, citing a former child cruelty conviction in California.

But people in the community who saw the story reached out to offer help. A stranger bailed him out of jail so he could return to his family. WTVD reports people across the country have contacted the station, wanting to help King and his family. They said they don’t care about what happened in the past.

“When I saw that he was just a working dad trying to take care of his family and had trouble with his kids, it really broke my heart that he was out working and trying to raise money to support his wife and his family and ended up being arrested in the process. So that really touched me, and I was really focused on helping the children,” teacher Rikki Hilliard said.

Charities in the Raleigh area have also reached out to help the family. Those who have been in touch with King said he’s grateful for all the support.

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