MYRTLE CREEK, Ore. – He hadn’t seen his daughter in two years, but the moment he spotted the now 5-year-old girl, Bryan Thouvenel instantly knew he found her.

According to The News Tribune, a friend of Thouvenel saw his estranged ex-girlfriend at a Salvation Army homeless shelter in Spokane, Washington.

As soon as Thouvenel, 41, got the call, he jumped in the car and drove 10 hours to Spokane.

In 2010, he met a girl at a bar. They had a two-year relationship and had a daughter together, Harmony Rain.

The relationship eventually went bad, and his ex-girlfriend took Harmony to Washington.

The loss devastated Thouvenel. He filed for custody and was eventually awarded custody in 2015.

After making the long drive, he finally arrived at the courthouse in Spokane. His ex-girlfriend brought his daughter by, and a judge put Harmony back in Thouvenel’s custody.

He sat on a bench outside the courtroom, waiting for Harmony.

“I sat there and the next thing you know I’ve got my daughter coming out, walking by herself,” Thouvenel told the News Tribune. “She’s kind of looking around, and I said her name once. She kind of looked at me funny and I said ‘Harmony, it’s daddy.’ Her eyes just kind of lit up.”

Thouvenel and Harmony will be leaving for a vacation to Hawaii in May, thanks to the non-profit Time to Put Kids First.
He said he is planning a lot of beach and relaxation time with his daughter.
“It would be this huge memory that she would actually remember. Regardless of whatever happens in the future, she will always have this one memory with dad,” said Thouvenel.
‘Harmony, it’s Daddy:’ Man finds daughter at homeless shelter two years after losing her

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