OMAHA, Nebraska – A Nebraska family is thanking bystanders and doctors for helping to save their daughter’s life after a disaster on an amusement park ride.

On Saturday, Elizabeth “Lulu” Gilreath, got on a spinning amusement park ride at a Cinco de Mayo festival. As the ride spun her around, she slid from her seat and her hair got stuck in the machinery. Her parents say the force of it ripped her scalp off, according to WOWT.

They say their daughter was ‘tortured’ for five to ten minutes before a bystander noticed what was happening and rushed to stop the ride.

Doctors aren’t sure whether Lulu will ever be able to see again.

According to WOWT, the carnival company is cooperating during an investigation to determine what when wrong.

The family stared a GoFundMe page to raise money for medical expenses.

Girl’s scalp ripped off after amusement park ride disaster

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