ATLANTA — The 5-year-old girl who survived a vicious dog attack that killed her friend is now back at home.

Syrai Sanders had six surgeries after two dogs attacked her in January in southwest Atlanta. Logan Braatz, 6, was killed in the attack.

WSB-TV caught up with Sanders as she returned home Wednesday on Gideons Drive, where the attack happened.

She still has at least six months to a year before her head heals from all the dog bites.

She’s also missing most of one ear.

“When the dogs bite me, they bite my ear and my head,” Sanders said.

Neighbors rushed to the scene to help the two children.

“I run up on the girl. She had been mauled very badly,” said neighbor Angie Smith. “I ran to the baby and when I looked down at her, I knew there was nothing that I could do.”

The owner of the dog is facing misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter charges.

Braatz’s family shared their well-wishes for Sanders “as she fights to recover from the injuries she also sustained in the attack.”

Girl makes incredible progress after brutal dog attack sent her to the emergency room

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