New dad George Clooney says he’s worried about the challenge of raising empathetic kids.

Clooney recently sat down with Hot Topics host Heather Catlin to talk about his new movie, “Suburbicon.”

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Set in 1959, the movie follows the town of Suburbicon, a peaceful suburban community where the Lodge family lives. But a darker reality is revealed after the wife of Gardner Lodge, played by Matt Damon, suddenly dies.

The movie examines racial division in the 1950s, themes which continue to echo today.

“I was hearing a lot of conversations a couple years ago about building fences and scapegoating minorities and I thought that it’s an interesting time to remind ourselves that these aren’t new voices and thoughts,” said Clooney. “We always have to remind ourselves that it’s a battle that we’re always going to have to fight along the way.”

Clooney, now a father of twins, is now thinking about how to raise his own children.

“I was raised to pay attention and to treat everyone as equal,” said Clooney. “It won’t be hard to raise our children to raise our children to understand that. The bigger problems are making sure that they understand empathy. Making sure you can walk in other people’s shoes.”

Clooney admits that he doesn’t have all the answers when it comes to parenting joking, “I’m going to screw it up somehow.”

He said he and his wife, Amal, recently talked about which of their dad’s movies they’ll be allowed to watch.

“I think the only thing I’ve ever done that they could watch is ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ because everything else, they’ll have to be 40 before they can see it,” jokes Clooney.

“Suburbicon” is in theaters everywhere now.

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