By Lynn Casey,

COPAN, Okla. — Jason and Harlie Tatum of Copan, Oklahoma say that, thanks to a local man, some priceless keepsakes are back in their possession.

FOX23 recently reported about the couple as they begged thieves to return a safe that held nothing but a photo album and funeral keepsakes of their two-week-old son Elijah, who died in his sleep six years ago.

Harlie Tatum says she kept the safe containing the items in a closet, and she says she and her husband were not staying in the home when someone broke in because a storm damaged their roof last spring and recent rains prompted them to stay with family.

She says she came home to find the home ransacked and items stolen.

The family asked the thieves to return the safe, no questions asked. She even posted the passcode online so thieves can see that there is nothing other than the album and funeral keepsakes inside.

Tatum told FOX23 she took the album out when she felt like she wanted to remember Elijah or needs a good cry. She said it always gave her some healing, like it put a piece back in her heart when she felt like it would go missing.

Monday, a man walked into the post office to get his mail and saw a bag on the table with a note.

In the note, someone who claimed to be a friend of the thief said they wanted to make sure they did the right thing by returning the album back to the family.

Friend of thief returns priceless keepsakes for baby who died at 2 weeks old

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