A Filipino fisherman found a 75-pound pearl inside a giant clam in 2006, and has kept it a secret ever since.

The pearl is more than 2 feet long and was stashed under the fisherman’s bed in Puerto Princesa for safe keeping.

According to CNN, it wasn’t until he was moving out of his home that relatives realized what he had been sitting on — or sleeping on — for a decade.

Aileen Cynthia Maggay-Amurao is a tourism officer and the fisherman’s relative. She shared photos of the pearl to Facebook.

According to NPR, the next-largest pearl doesn’t even come close to rivaling this 75-pounder.

Experts plan on verifying the pearl’s weight and value through careful examination, CNN reports.

According to the a spokesman for the Puerto Princesa government, the pearl still belongs to the man.

Fisherman finds 75-pound pearl, keeps it a secret for 10 years

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