Talk about a wild ride!

Kaitlin Hursong and her husband tried to make it to the hospital before their baby was born, but that didn’t happen.

Hursong told her husband it was time to go, “So he was waking up the baby and started to get her in the car and I told him at that point, ‘I don’t think we’re gonna make it to the hospital.’ I could kind of tell.”

Katy said moments later, her water didn’t break it exploded, but the Hursong’s were prepared, according to Local12. 

“Leaving the house, knowing we weren’t going to make it to the hospital that was instinct. It was also being a nurse, because they say when you feel the urge to push it’s probably going to happen. Then I’ve done it once before so…” Katy laughed.

Dad, Rob Hursong Junior, is a firefighter paramedic. He started driving but had to quickly pull over where he helped deliver his son in the front seat.

Rob then called his dad, Fire Chief Rob Hursong Senior.

The Chief said, “15 minutes later phone rings again. Thinking he forgot something, wanting me to go to the house, says your grandson’s here. I said you’re joking. I said some other things, said, ‘You’re joking.’ ‘No I’m serious. We just delivered in the front seat of the car.'”

They all eventually made their way to the hospital.

Both mom and baby are doing well.

Firefighter & nurse deliver their own baby in car

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