By Jared Leone, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

PORTLAND, Ore. — A woman blocked a rampaging dog from approaching children, including her own, Thursday morning at a school bus stop.

“I was thinking, ‘I’ve got to protect my kid and make sure the kids were OK,’” Diedre Shows told KPTV. “I didn’t want anybody else to get hurt. I would hope anybody else would do the same thing for their kid, or mine.”

Police were already on their way to the area because of multiple calls about the aggressive dog when they found it latched onto Shows’ jeans, but did not puncture her skin, according to KPTV. An officer shot at the dog when it would not let go of her leg. The bullet grazed the dog’s head before becoming lodged in its chest.

The dog was walking on its own when it was taken away by Multnomah County Animal Services.

Police were called to the area about the dog after it tried to get into someone’s house, bit a man and chased a woman into a truck, according to KPTV.

Police are trying to find the dog’s owner. While the pit bull is microchipped, when investigators contacted the person registered to the chip, they said they had not owned the dog in many years.

Fearless mom takes on pit bull, stopping attack on kids at bus stop Twitter / @Fox12Oregon

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