A renovation of a century-old house led to an exciting discovery for a couple in Pittsburgh’s Westwood Neighborhood.

They discovered items dating back to the early 1900s had been hiding in their walls.

Wendy Denny and Skeet Blizzard, who have been married for 10 years, said the artifacts were discovered while their contractor was removing plaster.

They found artwork, schoolwork and church literature. There were also other personal things belonging to a woman named Margaret Messenger.

“Either she lived here or family member lived here that kept the stuff for her,” Blizzard said. “We have no idea how this stuff got here.”

Three letters addressed to Messenger were from a W.R. Cobb, a sailor who served on the USS Delaware. One of the letters was dated Oct. 21, 1915.

Intrigued by the items found, the couple started researching Messenger to find out more about her.

“She lived in Lehigh Avenue in Crafton, Pennsylvania, which is about 2 miles down the road from here,” Denny said.

In light of the discovery, the couple decided to put a time capsule of their own in the floor of the house.

They are also trying to track down Messenger’s family.

“I would love to find out if she’s still around, her family is still around, and if they’d be interested in having this back,” Blizzard said.

If the couple can’t track down Messenger’s family, they plan to donate the items found to a local historical society.

Family finds artifacts from 1900s during home renovation

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