A family is mourning the loss of their elderly parents who died in the California wildfires.

Charles Rippey, 100, and his wife, Sara Rippey, 98, could not leave their Napa home in time to escape the flames of a raging wildfire that has been ravaging California’s wine country.

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According to KNTV, the couple’s caregiver arrived to find the house engulfed in flames. She tried to make it inside, but it was already too late.

“Before she knew it, the roof was caving in,” said the couple’s son Chuck Rippey. “So it was very fast. Very fast.”

According to ABC News, the couple was married for 75 years and met as children in Wisconsin. According to family members, Sara Rippey was left paralyzed after suffering a stroke five years ago.

“And my father was sleeping in a different room, and we found him halfway to her room. And so he never made it to her room,” son Mike Rippey said. “But even if he had made it, there was no way he was gonna leave her. So neither one of them was getting out.”

The family found peace that their parents were together in their final moments.

“You just have to look at that and just, you know, be happy that that’s what happened, and they died together, and they never wanted to leave each other,”

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