LEXINGTON, Ky. – Lisa Beech of Lexington, Kentucky found out several weeks ago that she has cancer throughout her body. Doctors gave her just weeks to live.

The 49-year-old woman has been battling cancer for years and is now in hospice.

“She said, ‘If this is God’s will, this is God’s will,'” her daughter Amanda Sturgill told WKYT.

To cheer her mother up, Sturgill brought her mother’s beloved horse, Jake, to the hospital to say goodbye. With some help from a local animal group, they were able to bring Jake to the hospital.

“Her face just lit up with so much joy and so much excitement. His ears went forward when he heard her talking, and he was marching up there like he was going to go into the hospital if he needed to,” said Sturgill.

Beech embraced her horse for about fifteen minutes and they shared one last kiss. Her daughter says they’ll see each other again someday.

Dying owner says goodbye to beloved pet horse

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