By Tricia Despres

Everyone fell in love with Joey Feek.

Whether it was through the music she created as one half of country Joey+Rory or whether it was through her courageous battle against cancer, there was just something about her and her spirit that made people care for her, whether or not they ever met her.

Dolly Parton was one of those people.

Despite finding themselves within the same intimate-feeling country music industry, the two vocal powerhouses never met one another. Yet, a video that Dolly made for Joey during the last weeks of her life made a powerful impact on her during her most fragile of times.

At a press conference in Nashville on March 7 announcing plans for her brand-new 2016 tour, Dolly opened up about not only Joey’s death, but also about that emotional video.

“Joey was such a sweet sweet person,” Dolly said. “They had a really wonderful thing going. I was just so sorry that she had to be taken, but I guess the Lord needed her more than we did. She was a big fan of mine and I was really touched by that. I kept trying to get there to see her, but I did make her a video and I sent it out to her and they say she was real happy with that. When I heard she had passed it really hit me like a relative. It really made my heart sad. But, she handled that so well, she and Rory. They had a wonderful way to deal with such a thing as that. To leave behind a little child. It’s a sad thing. But, she’s watching. She’s up there. We love her. I’m sorry to hear that she passed.”

Dolly Parton reacts to the Joey+Rory video that had us all bawling our eyes out

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