As cold weather and even snow are moving into warm-weather states like Texas and Georgia, one crossing guard is making sure her “kids” aren’t going to be cold on their way to school.

Minnie Galloway has been manning the crosswalk near Trask Middle School in New Hanover County, North Carolina, for 20 years, WECT reported. If it is raining, she has umbrellas to keep the students dry. On the first day of school, she has pencils and notebooks if the kids aren’t ready for class. And when the temperatures dip, she has a coat rack filled with jackets for anyone who looks cold.

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“Some of them come with no [jacket] and just a T-shirt or something, you know, I’m fussing at them,” Galloway told WECT.

Galloway went to her local Salvation Army and purchased nearly 30 coats. A photo of Galloway, taken by one of the school district’s teachers, was posted on Facebook and has been shared a thousand times.

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