A California couple is alive today after riding out a wildfire in their neighbor’s pool for six hours as their home burned to the ground.

Jan and John Pascoe of Santa Rosa said they went to bed last Monday night thinking they were safe, the Los Angeles Times reports. According to alerts on their phones, the fires were 11 miles away from their home.

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It wasn’t until their daughter called, stricken with worry, that they decided to evacuate, the Los Angeles Times reports. They began loading some of their valuables into their pickup truck. In just two hours, the winds picked up, and the fire was inescapable.

“I looked out the window, and all I saw was a red glow. I said, ‘John, we’ve got to get out of here,'” Jan said.

They couple got in their truck and started driving down their street, but were met with a wall of flames. They realized there was no way they were getting out.

The couple spotted a pool nearby and made the tough decision to submerge themselves in the icy water to escape the scorching flames. They called 911, begging for help.

“In my naivete, all night long, I thought someone would come to get us,” Jan told the Los Angeles Times.

They stayed in the pool for six hours.
“And I kept saying, ‘How long does it take for a house to burn down?’ We were freezing,” said Jan.
When the fire had burned everything in sight and died down, the couple got out of the pool to find their shoes and phone melted at the edge of the pool. Their home was gone.
Around 7 a.m., the couple was finally able to get in touch with their daughter, who didn’t know whether her parents had survived. She was overjoyed when she heard her parents’ voices over the phone.

“I started screaming,” daughter Zoe Giraudo said. “The first thing mom said to me was ‘I feel so bad I wasn’t able to get a hold of you.’ ‘You’re apologizing to me? After all you’ve been through?’”

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