CAPE COD, Mass. – A couple is celebrating their marriage earlier than expected after the groom’s father was suddenly diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer.

According to Cape Cod Health, Thomas Martone, a retired ear, nose and throat doctor, recently got devastating news that his health was failing. He had just gotten a clean bill of health from his doctor when he got an unexpected call the day after a visit.

“Twenty-four hours later he got the call that the doctor wanted a further look at what appeared to be a mass on his liver,” said Tom Martone, Dr. Martone’s son. “Within 24-48 hours after that he was diagnosed with cancer. All I heard was ‘inoperable’, ‘very advanced’, and ‘somewhat rare’; it just didn’t sound like he had a lot of time.”

Tom and his fiancee Brittany hopped on a plane and flew from Phoenix, Arizona to Cape Cod to be with Dr. Martone.

Soon, it became clear that they needed to tie the knot sooner rather than later, since Dr. Martone’s health was quickly worsening.

Tom and Brittany exchanged vows at Dr. Martone’s bedside, surrounded by family.

The couple feels grateful to have been able to share the moment with Dr. Martone.

“To see one of your parents knowing this could be the moment, it’s very tough,” said Tom.

Couple changes wedding plans so groom’s dying father can attend

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