A woman is thanking her community for responding in full force to her call for help, as her husband battles cancer.

Jennifer Simmons of Tucson, Arizona, told KOVA her husband has stage 4 laryngeal cancer. She said it’s been difficult watching him battle the disease.

“He’s right now in this depression stage of feeling useless because he was a roofer for 30 years. He was the guy that worked 6 days a week and never stopped working, and when he was tired, he was still working,” Simmons said.

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Simmons said he normally took care of the yard work for the family. Now, Simmons simply doesn’t have the time to do it.

“It’s a hard pill to swallow, but I asked for help, and I put it on Facebook,” said Simmons.

She was floored at the response. Droves of people from her community came to her home and took care of all the yard work.

“About 150 people responded and said that they would be here,” said Simmons. “I’m so eternally grateful. It restores my faith in humanity.”

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