A bus driver’s instincts helped save a little girl wandering down the street.

Surveillance video on a Milwaukee, Wisc., city bus captured the entire ordeal.

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According to Facebook post by the Milwaukee County Transit System, Tiffani Lee was driving when she spotted the girl walking down the street by herself.

Tiffani pulled the bus over and asked the girl if she was OK.

“Where are you going?” Tiffani asked. “Come here. Where do you live?”

The girl was lost and scared, according to the transit system. Tiffani stayed with the girl on the bus until a police officer came to help. The girl told the officer she lived nearby.

Thanks to Tiffani, the officer walked the girl home.

“A bus driver, a police officer and a lost child. Another story of #MCTSExcellence,” the Milwakee County Transit System wrote on Facebook.

Bus driver trusts her instincts and saves a little girl spotted wandering alone down a busy street MCTS Facebook video screenshot

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