9-year-old Adam Flowers was getting picked on because his tennis shoes were starting to fall apart. He had been playing in them for the past two years.

“People were picking on me about my old shoes,” he said. “They kept saying, ‘What are those?'”

When his grandmother, Carolyn Taylor, saw a teenage girl put him in a headlock and tease him, she called the police, The Macon Telegraph reported.

When deputy Trinicolas Carswell went to talk to the girl’s parents about the incident, he saw Adam’s shoes.

A few hours later, after Carswell asked Taylor what size shoes Adam wore, he returned with two other deputies and three pairs of sneakers, The Macon Telegraph reported.

But the shoes weren’t just any shoes. Adam had three new pairs of Nike Air Jordans. (The cool shoe any kid would want!)

“He saw the shoes and it was just pandemonium after that,” Taylor told The Macon Telegraph. “He was just super excited. … I was just so overwhelmed and surprised and thankful that somebody cared.”

Adam has since thrown away the old tattered pair of shoes, and has cleaned the new kicks multiple times.

Bullied boy gets awesome surprise from deputies

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