A bridal party is going viral for their gesture toward the bride who broke her wrist just days before the big day.

A photo shared by the Love What Matters Facebook page shows bride Jacklyn Summers surrounded by her bridal party on her wedding day. Jacklyn is wearing a cast on her left hand. Her groom and the entire bridal party are all sporting Ace bandages in a touching act of solidarity.

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“I was really surprised they were able to pull something over on me honestly and it was very unexpected and it was very kind,” Jacklyn told WCBD.

Jacklyn told ABC News she broke her wrist falling down the stairs while chasing after her dogs.

“The stress of planning a wedding and the stress of this happening, it could really dampen the experience,” said Jacklyn.

She said she’s grateful her bridal party went to such extreme lengths to make her feel more secure on her wedding day. She’s also looking forward to when the swelling in her hand goes down, so she can finally wear her wedding ring.

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