By Shelby Lin Erdman, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

A news anchor in India learned of her husband’s death in a car accident while delivering news of the accident live on TV.

Channel IBC24’s Supreet Kaur was reading a morning news bulletin on Saturday about the fatal accident when she realized one of the three victims was her husband of just over a year, Harsad Kawade, according to The Associated Press.

“For a moment,her voice trembled, but she collected herself and carried on reading the news till the bulletin got over 10 minutes later,” IBC24’s editor-in-chief Ravikant Mittal said Sunday.

Kaur broke down after the newscast, then called her family to let them know about the tragedy.

Social media erupted after the newscast, as admiring fans called her an example of a journalist at the “highest level” and an example of “professionalism and commitment.”

Brave news anchor learns of husband’s death on live TV while delivering news of crash

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