A grieving mother visiting her son’s grave on the anniversary of his death got some comfort from a bird.

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Marie Robinson of England lost her son to a brain tumor three years ago. On April 1, she was remembering his loss.

“Three years ago today I was totally numb at losing my little Jack. And three years on I’m still numb on this day. Today will be hard,” wrote Robinson on Facebook.

Later that day, she visited Jack’s grave and got some comfort from a bird.

A video shared to her Facebook page shows the small bird perched atop a nearby grave in the cemetery. Robinson stretched out her palm, and the bird immediately landed on her finger and looked at her.

“Can’t believe what’s just happened,” wrote Robinson when posting the video online. “Yes it brought me to tears. Taking it as a sign from Jack.”

The video quickly went viral, getting more than 11 million views on Facebook.

Another photo shows the bird perched on Robinson’s shoe as she sits by her son’s grave.

Bird spots grieving mother sobbing in cemetery after son’s death, comforts her

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