A January 5 blog post written by Rory Feek reveals that the holidays were particularly difficult for him and his bride, who is coping with terminal cancer.

Photos posted by country duo Joey and Rory show the couple and daughter, Indiana, with big smiles, surrounded by loved ones on Christmas.

“The holidays have been a roller-coaster for my bride,” Rory wrote on his blog. “She’s had some good days, some bad days, some wonderful moments, and some deep pain that the morphine just couldn’t seem to touch.”

He said Joey was feeling strong emotions over the holidays.

“Joey’s heart was heavy and she was feeling some things he hadn’t before… A sadness. A fear of the unknown,” wrote Rory. “It’s not easy for her to be as excited about what the new year holds in store as it was last year.”

But Rory says she has gotten over that and has seen the light now.

“We are all seeing the light,” he said.

You can read his full post by clicking here.

As country singer Joey Feek battles cancer, husband reveals holidays were a roller-coaster

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